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Our sustainability principles mean we don’t want you buying anything you don’t love. So, before you commit to a bottle, explore our fragrances first with a trial set of three samples of your choosing.

Simply select your three samples below and then redeem the $35 purchase price when you buy a 50mL or Nurture bottle. (Just hold onto your confirmation email for your discount code.)

100% Natural | Non-toxic | 1% for the planet

cyan nori

a sweet, salty musk

from $80.00

white vetiver

a zesty, cool wood

from $80.00

cobalt amber

a chic, sultry oriental

from $80.00

pink iris

a contemporary, classic floral

from $80.00

green cedar

a velvety, rich wood

from $80.00

grey labdanum

an edgy, dark chypre

from $80.00

golden neroli

a bright, citrus floral

from $80.00


by mothers, for mothers... and others

from $120.00

modern natural perfume for all

At Abel we care...

We believe in the power and beauty of (100% natural) scent and its ability to enrich daily life in a way nothing else can. We also believe that we are the generation of businesses and consumers who can turn the tide on the global climate crisis, but that we must act now. Read more about our environmental initiatives here, and help us, by holding us accountable.

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Who created Abel?

When winemaker meets master perfumer

The year was 2011, the location was Amsterdam, Abel founder and former winemaker, Frances Shoemack was searching for a truly natural perfume and came up short. Soon after, the idea for Abel was born. Fellow New Zealander, Master Perfumer Isaac Sinclair became Shoemacks’ first ally in the quest to disrupt an industry that didn’t believe natural perfume could be chic, modern, or stand up alongside the world’s best. A decade has since passed, Abel, now based in Wellington New Zealand is sold in 33 countries globally, to much acclaim. The Abel team has grown and so too has the collection – albeit at an organic pace. Abel’s mission, while remaining steadfast, has also grown. No longer satisfied with making the world’s best natural perfume, they are driven to have a positive impact both on the environment and the community.

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full ingredients list:

All our ingredients are derived from natural sources. We guarantee fairtrade and sustainable farming practices.



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