We chat with Dutch artist Julie Haverkamp

There is a lot going on in artist Julie Haverkamp’s mind. Drawing is her way out.
“I paint something the way I want it. That feels like a relief.” To celebrate the launch of NURTURE 100ML edition, Julie created the artwork Hug No.1.

Tell us about yourself
Growing up in a creative family, with both grandfathers being architects, I always loved to draw and experiment with their tools and markers. This started my love for drawing and expressing myself creatively. Along the way I wanted to broaden my path by taking my portrait in an abstract way. Letting go of my perfection of realism and getting lost in shapes. With my passion for design, colors, shapes and texture I created my first collection of paintings to share.

Where do you get inspiration from?
I want to work out of curiosity about what comes to mind. That is my most important source of inspiration. Through school (Amfi) I discovered Mark Rothko, especially the way he painted. It was purely about the emotion he wanted to convey. I recognize that very much, but shapes also play an important role. For that, I look at the work of Alexander Calder and Jean Miró. I am also inspired by the travels I make.

How did you start?
Drawing was always my escape, my way out when I was busy. During my studies at Amfi I was under a lot of stress and my passion for drawing became almost vital. No matter how busy I was or how difficult things were at school when I started drawing portraits, I landed in another universe and came to rest. I decided to pursue a minor at ArtEZ, the art academy in Zwolle, and there, a whole new world opened up for me. I started painting a lot more. At the end of that minor, I submitted a series of portraits, some measuring 1 meter by 2.60 in size. Back at Amfi, I continued making art and once I was allowed to exhibit paintings at my internship address Casa Gitane, things started to take off quickly.

"When I thought of NURTURE I felt warmth and tranquillity. This sensation was the source of the creative process of this work."

How did the wonderful work for Abel Odor x Gray Label come about?
When I thought of NURTURE I felt warmth and tranquillity. This sensation was the source of the creative process of this work. With constructive elements that together become one, intimate and loving.

What is your ultimate “Nurture” moment?
For me Nurture means to relax and relish the small, warming moments. When I zoom out in my own world with my art and release my emotion on the canvas, it makes me look forward to the weekends to enjoy and take care of the people around me. This gives me new energy to start fresh at work the next week. 

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