Today is Earth Day. Let’s make some promises.

At Abel, sustainability isn’t just a box to tick. It’s deeply rooted in what we do, being kind to the planet was one of our founding principles and it will continue to be a core focus of our business, especially as the climate crisis worsens. So, today on this Earth Day, we want to make some promises. And we ask you to keep us accountable to them. We can’t guarantee perfection, but we do commit to progress.

Our packaging promise

Packaging that is recyclable is a great first step. But it is exactly that, a first step. Particularly in the beauty industry, this should be an expectation we have of all companies. For us, our promise in the next 12 months is not only to maintain our commitment to recyclable packaging and removing cellophane wherever possible but also to begin piloting a return-to-base programme to reuse and repurpose as many components of our perfumes as possible.

Our perfume promise

We have always carefully considered and ethically sourced all ingredients in our perfumes, ensuring they’re completely biodegradable, leaving no trace of toxic chemicals washed off into our oceans. This year we’re launching our first alcohol-free fragrances to give you more choice about what you put on your skin, as well as diving deeper into by product ingredients in our R&D to take a more exhaustive approach to our ingredient sourcing.

A promise on how we’ll operate our business

Last month we created our first Impact Report, a document that not only sets our path to positive environmental change but, as we will soon be sharing these with you, our customers, also holds us accountable to the progress we promise to make. We look forward to releasing our inaugural biannual Impact Report soon where you’ll learn more about our journey to becoming a B-Corp, the process we’re undertaking to achieve carbon positive status and the initiatives we’re introducing in our culture to encourage and reward our staff to do their part in their own daily practices to do right by our planet. 

A promise we ask of you

We know Abel customers share our genuine concern for the planet and seek to make meaningful contributions to reversing the impact of climate change. For many of you, that’s why you’ve switched from synthetic beauty and fragrance products and how you found us. Today, we encourage you to take one other little action to be kind to this Earth we call home. Be it starting a compost bin to reduce waste at landfills, volunteering in a green space in your community, or repairing or sharing items, rather than buying new – it’s the small things we do at scale together that can bring us all closer to our shared dream of a healthier planet. 

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