Something new is coming…

Something new is coming…
A hyper modern scent with a mission for the future.

Earlier this year, as the sun set on the South Pacific Ocean outside my window, I chatted with our Master Perfumer Isaac Sinclair and out of nowhere, a new scent arose… crystallizing intuitively, with great energy, and great joy.

For many years Isaac and I have worked on our fragrances together in the laboratory in Paris, relying on mutual creative energy and the ability to smell, see and explore in each other’s company. Developing a scent in isolation was never the plan… she came to us.

"Developing a scent in isolation was never the plan... She came to us."

Launching next week is the newest addition to our Vita Odor collection. True to form, we’ve developed this new scent using the latest in natural science and exclusively plant derived (vegan), renewable and biodegradable ingredients.

She’s an electropop scent, inspired by the beautiful surrounds of Abel’s new home on the edge of the world. A scent that campaigns for Mother Nature in a spirited, bold and hyper modern way. A technical triumph by Master Perfumer Isaac Sinclair that will have you aching for more.

….and we can’t wait to share her with you on October 21st!
Frances x

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