A day of reflection

This International Women’s Day we’ve asked womxn we admire from around the world what the day means to them and why it’s still relevant today, how they are feeling, acting and what motivates them today...

“Today, I am free. I am transforming into the person I want to be.
I have no fear. I am loving. I listen. I educate myself. I am giving. I am caring. I take what I want. I learn to breathe. I laugh. I stride.”

Nella Beljan
Editor & Co Founder, Zora Auguste
Berlin, Germany

“This International Women’s Day, I am in Quarantine, but happy to be back in Aotearoa New Zealand. On the 8th of March l will be reflecting on the many social, cultural and political achievements women have made, not only in Aotearoa but across the world. Let us remember to always be ourselves while striving to make a difference. He Waka eke noa – we’re all in this together.”

Lyndal Walker
New Zealand Ambassador
The Hague, Netherlands

“This international women’s day I am taking the time to think of how I can be the mom I want to be for my beautiful baby daughter, whom I gave birth to last month. My own mom always taught me that everything is possible despite what others may say. That the sky’s the limit. I want to encourage my own daughter to also embrace her dreams and to do what she loves, no matter what.”

Charlotte Schreuder
CEO & Co-Founder, KASSL Editions
Amsterdam, Netherlands

“This international women’s day, I am reminding myself that this is not a sprint. It’s a relay. Only when we are not in competition with one another but in collaboration do we really achieve the social change and equality that we fight for.”

Ann Li
Sales Coach, Acne Studios
Tokyo, Japan

“I am extremely proud and grateful to be both a perfumer and the mother of two young boys.
School closures due to the pandemic have brought many countries back to a situation from decades ago where we all have to work harder to create a safe, respectful and inclusive world.”

Fanny Grau
São Paulo, Brazil

“This International Women’s Day, I am happy and proud to be a mom and today I give a special thought to always reminding myself and our son, to treat everyone as equal and with respect as he grows up.
Equality for all is a fundamental right. ”

Susanne Persson
Founder, Manasai7
Stockholm, Sweden

“On this International Women’s Day, I am not only celebrating my two daughters but all the daughters of the world. Their inner beauty, their strength and their rights cannot be honoured enough.”

Emily Gray
Founder & Creative Director, Gray Label
Amsterdam, Netherlands

“This International Women’s Day I am adamant about my obligation and right to vote.
The Dutch elections are mid-March and now more than ever I long for an administration that is a reflection of our society, so it represents and includes all of us.”

Brigitta Surjadi
Co-founder MISC store
Amsterdam, Netherlands

“This International Women’s Day, I taking some time off from work to cook a fabulous lunch for my 68-year-old mother and spending the afternoon helping her put together a plan for her new small business.”

Paola Morabito
Film Director
Melbourne, Australi

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