Our Most Loved

A month following the launch of Our Most Loved trial set, we take a look at the unique profile of the three scents featured, and how they come together in this specially curated trial set.

What is special about the fragrances in the Our Most-Loved set? 

Not only are these three scents our best sellers (or ‘most loved’), they are scents that have an exceptionally defined creative direction, and interestingly, all three are associated with a very visceral, natural environment. Cyan Nori – The Ocean, Pink Iris – The Garden, Green Cedar – The Forest. 

"Imagine that you're by the ocean and a bolt of sunshine slices through the clouds… this is how I would describe Cyan Nori. "

In an era where travel is limited, what is the role of scent beyond self-expression into transportation?

Our sense of smell is the only sense with a direct neural pathway to the subconscious brain. This means your subconscious can smell something and trigger an emotional response even before your conscious brain is aware you are even smelling something. Fragrance has an incredible ability to transport you back in time, to a specific place, a specific memory or interaction. Last year we really noticed a change in the way our customers were speaking about wearing Abel. Suddenly, perfume became less about how you smell (to others) than how you feel and the ability it had to enrich your daily life. This idea of transporting yourself through scent isn’t new, but all of a sudden, it feels supercharged. Wearing perfume has become, for many of us, a way to relive moments of pleasure, far removed from our day today.

"It’s crazy when you smell the cedarwood from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, it is so peculiar and aromatic, it really takes you to oriental North Africa."

Did you set out to create scents that transported through time and space or was this by chance?

Our creation process is very fluid and largely inspired by the incredible ingredients we are able to source. Because our ingredients come from “real” things (plants), we cannot help but be inspired by places and situations but often it’s a little more complex than that… 

Cyan Nori was created in a direct response to the beauty and power of the ocean expanse on our hometown Wellington’s South Coast. From its inception the scent really was about transportation, coupled with a desire to inspire those around us to protect this incredible natural asset. 

In Green Cedar we were drawn to cedarwoods unique ability to reflect its growing climate, or ‘terroir’. In the fragrance, we use a wild-harvested Atlas Mountains Cedar from Morocco, which is very rich and layered, combined with a Cedar from Texas in the USA, which has a very pure cedar profile. In doing so, Green Cedar has become this very tangible, transcendental forest experience, not a direct location in itself, but one in the memory of the wearer.

Pink Iris is different from the others in that we set out to create a plant-derived, contemporary floral perfume – something we believe did not exist before the launch of Pink Iris. The challenge of creating this modern scent using only plant-derived ingredients meant we really drew on a wide natural palette. Notes such as; Thai Basil and Sichuan Pepper lend a modern edge to the scent. While not typical in a classical flower garden, these notes give a dimension to the fragrance that, really, suggests the natural environment in all its complexity flowers but also insects, grass and trees.

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