one in, one out

Since day one, we’ve struggled with the notion that the world doesn’t need more ‘stuff’, that as a brand we have a huge responsibility bringing new products into the world. Abel exists because back in 2011 we couldn’t find a natural perfume that was modern, chic and long lasting. We wanted to bring the world something that didn’t already exist. Today we hold ourselves to the same high standards when working on new ideas, concepts and developing new products… Is this something the world needs and can we do it better than any products already on the market? 

When we capped our Vita Odor collection at seven last year it was our way to combat the avalanche of “stuff” in the world. A ‘one in, one out’ policy that forced us to “kill a darling” in order to launch something new – a restriction that would guarantee our base collection didn’t balloon and that we only launch things that are truly awesome.

Why cap at seven? Seven has long been associated with completeness, there are seven oceans and continents and it has significance in almost every religion. In short, limiting our Vita Odor collection felt like the right thing to do, and seven the perfect number for it.

In the months that followed the introduction of this policy, Isaac our perfumer and I explored many new directions. Nothing stuck, nothing felt good enough to consider replacing one of our beloved scents.

Then something changed. Earlier this year the world as we knew it changed. As I watched 2020 unfold from my view over the dramatic pacific ocean, inspiration came. This was no time to be holding onto the past, this was time to build the future. A new scent was taking shape – a hyper modern scent with a mission for the future. A scent we can’t wait to bring into the world this Fall.

In order to launch this exciting new scent, we have to let go of something close to us. Red Santal was Isaac and my first ‘scent baby’, launched under the name “Vintage ‘13” back in 2013… Seven years ago, today. 

Red Santal is now being discontinued from production. There is limited stock of both 50ML and 15ML sizes and these are available on a first come first served basis.

To the Red Santal lovers, I salute you. You are some of our oldest, dearest and most discerning fans. It’s not an easy scent to love – it’s brave and bold like many of you, who we’ve fondly referred to as our “zen warriors”. We hope you understand and look forward to continuing the journey with you.


Frances & the team

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