natural perfume – why we love it

As you can probably guess, we love natural perfume here at Abel! Whereas almost every perfume on the market uses a large majority of synthetic perfume compounds, we only use ingredients sourced from nature. We do so, for several reasons;

  • Natural perfume is beautiful – Natural ingredients like sandalwood, neroli and jasmine are some of the rarest, most expensive and exquisite perfume ingredients available in modern perfumery. It’s one of the reasons our Nose Isaac Sinclair loves working on the Abel collection… the chance to work with these incredible ingredients so rarely available. Not only that, natural perfume is alive and evolves on your skin creating a scent unique to the wearer.
  • Environmental impact – The effects of synthetic perfume are only just beginning to be understood. For example, synthetic musk (used in 99% of perfumes) has shown to bioaccumulate in the food chain, impacting our oceans, aquatic life and people.
  • Personal impact – There is a growing body of evidence to suggest compounds applied to the skin travel into the bloodstream, meaning the ingredients in your beauty products are just as important as the ingredients in your food. If you wouldn’t buy food filled with artificial flavours and colours, then you shouldn’t buy perfume filled with artificial fragrance.
  • Impact on others – Ever had a reaction to the perfume worn by the person next to you in the elevator or (worse!) an aeroplane? You’re not the only one! A good dose on synthetic perfume on someone near you (or room spray, candles and diffusers) can trigger allergic reactions such as headaches, migraines, nausea and asthma.

Like you, we expect our favourite natural products to perform as well as anything else on the market. So we’ve spent years (and lots of money) sourcing the best natural ingredients and working on fragrance formulas that not only smell amazing but perform in the way you want. For example, we extract a natural musk compound from the seed of the hibiscus flower, meaning we get the benefits of musk – it lasts on your skin and has that ‘perfume profile’ (Isaac, our master perfumer, says ‘making perfume without musk is like cooking without butter’!) – without the nasty side effects of synthetic musks.

We took it as our personal mission to make natural perfume good enough that you don’t need to compromise on quality, aesthetics or ethics. Take a look at our 100% natural eau de parfum collection here.

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