international women’s day

On International Women’s Day we are proud to be a female owned and operated business. We are proud and fortunate to have incredible partners in our business who are also female owned and operated – our production house, a large proportion of our retail and distribution partners.

Just last week, we announced our arrival in New Zealand. We had left Amsterdam – a city governed by a female mayor – Femke Halsema. To New Zealand, a country governed by a female prime minister – Jacinda Ardern. We are entering a new decade in which feminine leadership qualities of strength through vulnerability, power through empathy, and empowerment through inclusion, are celebrated.

The world is a very different place than it was a century ago, but we are not there yet – the numbers confirm this in all aspects of business and life. In many parts of the world, being a woman is still a heavy burden to bear.

Over the last decade however, there has been a palpable change in attitude. Women are working together to build each other up. The global female community is supporting its own and because of this, the future looks bright.

This International Women’s Day, we are proud but not complacent. Every day we need to value the progress we’ve made, and every day commit to working harder – for women, and most importantly, for our global community.

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