How do you Extrait?

Where fine fragrance meets aromatherapy, Parfum Extrait has been created for restorative scenting. Intimate in application and employing therapeutic-grade essential oils, these powerful minis each offer a unique wellness value, from calm to comfort and everything in between. Perfectly pocket-sized, these 7mL jewels are designed to be taken on-the-go so you can call on them whenever you need.

See how our community are adding Extrait into their daily rituals.


Happiness in hand. Mahsa calls on Energy (White Vetiver) and Balance (Golden Neroli.)


The perfect pair for a busy life. Jade keeps Balance (Golden Neroli) and Calm (Pink Iris) nearby at all times.


In nature with naturals. Sophy soaks in sun and scent. (Cyan Nori for Joy and Golden Neroli for Balance.)


Pocket-size yet powerful, Juno takes Calm (Pink Iris) and Joy (Cyan Nori) on the go.


Daily rituals needn’t be routine. Sarah unlocks Vitality (Green Cedar) for an energising morning.


Extrait meets you where you need it across the day. Nicole adds Joy (Cyan Nori) to an evening.

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