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1. Tell us about yourself!

I’m Robbie ter Haak, beauty enthusiast and entrepreneur. Since forever I’ve worked in the beauty business. Starting at the age of 17 as a hairstylist and then opening a salon on the Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam in the early 90’s. As a father of two grown up daughters, beauty is all day and year around me. They are the best testpanel you could wish for! Together with my wife, they are honest in their opinion and give me the right feedback of where to go. Furthermore, I love to travel and wander around big cities to find new indie brands and experience how the locals do their thing. I believe Tokio is the best retail experience to learn from.

2. What is your connection to Abel?

I met Abel in London during my search for the Green Beauty Market last year, I had heard about them, but never saw the brand “live”. Now we carry Abel at the Green Beauty Market, our clean beauty shop walhalla. We were looking for an all natural perfume and it was an added bonus that the brand was local made too.

3. What is your favourite fragrance and how does it make you feel?

I love Cobalt Amber, it’s unisex and you don’t notice that you’re wearing it. It’s light and perfect for spring and summer.
Love the idea that you are not covered in a cloud of perfume but instead smell it on and off during the day.

4. What is inspiring you at the moment?

The small sustainable producers that we carry at the Green Beauty Market. They’re putting their heart and soul into clean production, high performing products and beautiful packaging. Can’t wait to find that next great brand..

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