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Tell us about yourself

My name is Remco Verbooij and work for Skins Cosmetics as the Education Manager. I’ve worked for 22 years in the world of cosmetics. From a young age I was intrigued by the world of perfume. For me everything was and is related to smell. Fragrance is a part of who you are and what you want to send out into the world.

Everybody needs a fragrance wardrobe at home. Why one fragrance? Do you wear the same clothes every day? Do you feel the same every day? These days, more and more fragrances are created to be likeable at first smell, but why not take your time to learn to appreciate it, just like a good wine. So step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the world of fragrance.

What is your connection to Abel?

Skins Cosmetics was one of the first retailers to believe in Abel. The first time I met Frances we had a connection. We talked for a long time about fragrances, ingredients and the world of niche perfume. Later on it was more than a collaboration, she let me be a part of Abel and my expertise was well appreciated.

What is your favourite fragrance and how does it make you feel?

Golden Neroli and Cobalt Amber are a beautiful mix to wear (layered)…. For me in the beginning I get chocolate… and later on the skin it just gets so warm and sensual. I love to mix and match fragrances to make them more personal.

What is inspiring you at the moment?

People!!! More and more I walk the streets and just watch life go by… Everybody has its own story… things to deal with…. We need to connect more… in person, talk.

I’m new on the dating market for example, and how that’s changed in 14 years. How do we connect and make connections? I hope that we will come to our senses and see each other again instead of on a phone or iPad. I know for sure that that time will come again.


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