the FOUR

1. Tell us about yourself!

Jeffery Plansker dialing in from LA – I created The Bloke almost as a film. I come from Directing and felt the curatorial – design decisions of shaping a boutique were the same thing as shooting, assembling and editing shots. Like film I found myself creating a culture, a world and a story. In this case a kind of Anglo / Ivy fantasy in burning California. It’s as if The Mod’s rode into a backlot set in search of tailoring, music and more. It’s the fantasy that made this work. No business plan – no prior retail experience other than shopping. I created a composite of all the stores I loved and then just yelled “Action!”. Thankfully LA is a global city and thus offers a broad audience.

2. What is your connection to Abel?

Abel is by far the purist and most natural fragrance we carry. The packaging and overall presentation is timeless. It’s highly refined and always gets our customers hooked from the moment they try it. We keep it front and center on the counter – it adds dimension to the entire experience here. I feel once you wear it it’s hard to turn back to brands with artificiality – the story goes incredibly far.

3. What is your favourite fragrance and how does it make you feel?

My favourite fragrance is by far Cobalt Amber. It’s reassuring / secure – makes me feel further up the food chain than I actually am!

4. What is inspiring you at the moment?

I am inspired right now by little design details. The stuff we overlook. The details that go unsung. The rear hood lid of a Jaguar XKE Roadster – or – the way certain rewind levers on old Leica cameras float like tables over the bigger body. Those things most often instead of big cultural moments…and as always, most hard bop jazz of the 1960’s. The list is endless – but these are in mind today.

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