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1. Tell us about yourself!

I’m a product developer by trade and worked in the fashion industry for 12 years developing clothing for various different British brands. After 12 years working for other companies I felt I couldn’t make the decisions that mattered and I also struggled working with people who didn’t have the same passion as me. I have a strong sense of community and I wanted to somehow make this part of my day to day and the essence of any business I started. I feel I have achieved this by creating communities and networks of makers and enthusiasts with the store. It’s important for me to feel like I have had an impact on my community in some way, and running my own business my own way has allowed me to do this. Botany was my escape plan and it has shaped my life and is helping shape my future in so many ways.

2. What is your connection to Abel?

All the products I sell at Botany need to resonate with me in some way. Abel’s fragrances are all so different but are also a family of scents, allowing you to experiment with your mood or feeling at any given time. They also take on their own character and evolve on the individuals that wear them. They have all been carefully developed and thought through. This attention to detail, love for creating and the connection, appreciation and respect for nature is what resonates with me and draws me to the brand.

3. What is your favourite fragrance and how does it make you feel?

My current favourite is Golden Neroli. The mix of ylang yang, which eases stress and relaxes me, with Neroli, also a relaxant but which has uplifting properties, makes for a great combination to carry me through the day. It’s like a hug in a bottle, helping to lift my mood and balance my emotions. I found out through doing a personality test recently, that I am a very emotionally led person, something I probably always knew but had not officially acknowledged. I’m also Pisarian (Pisces/Aries) and have to juggle the water and the fire! So the calming and uplifting qualities of Golden Neroli appeal massively to me.

4. What is inspiring you at the moment?

A silver birch tree in my neighbourhood. It’s stunning in structure and form and so delicate and graceful at the same time. I’ve grown to appreciate Autumn more and more in recent years. It’s so beautiful and really is very different every year. So many people don’t realise when the seasons really start and end. In London the leaves are still falling, it’s still Autumn here and I don’t think we will really be in winter until the new year. Aligning seasons to celebrations like Christmas or Easter is one of my bug bears, as nature simply just doesn’t work to a schedule like that.

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