Eight years of Learning

Eight years into what I hope will be a decades-long journey, I take a moment to reflect back on the things I’ve learnt along the way. In keeping with the theme of the day I capped it at eight, but really, I could have written eighty.

01. Having a place you call home matters – Since moving home to New Zealand in early 2020, I’ve realised a home base & community provides safety from which to be creative and take risks. The proof’s in the pudding more in the pipeline than ever before, watch this space…

02. People are everything – At the end of the day a business is nothing without its people. Our team, our partners and of course, our customers. So long as ‘the people’ are good, the rest will follow.

03. Find joy in problem-solving – The challenges don’t get easier, they morph. There’s always the next hurdle just around the corner, the key is to see it as an opportunity and get excited about it.

04. Your baby grows up – As a mother and business owner, the parallels with nurturing a child and business are endless. Letting Abel grow up without ‘helicopter parenting’ is equally empowering and terrifying.

05. Don’t sweat the small stuff – “Will it matter in five years?”. Moving on doesn’t mean you care any less, just that you have your priorities in order. It’s one I continually remind myself, and regularly share with the Abel team too.

06. Celebrate the wins – There never seems time in the day, or a clear moment to celebrate the wins, but that’s no excuse. Tonight we will toast the wonderful eight years we’ve had, tomorrow we’ll rip back into it!

07. Fear less – It’s not always clear what the next move should be, nor at what pace you should run at it. Some of the best decisions I have been made on instinct (and against popular opinion). An oldie but a goodie… trust your gut and dive in.

08. Opt in – Running a business can sometimes feel a little relentless… Asking myself regularly to opt-in with energy and passion to the next phase of Abel’s journey gets me excited about the future.

To those who’ve supported us on the journey (and you are many), I thank you from the bottom of my heart and look forward to you being part of the next eight-plus years.


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