bridging the gap

In 2009, Guillaume Philibert wanted to design a premium sneaker at a fair price point. This led to the birth of the Filling Pieces Low Top. The first shoe to bridge the gap between streetwear and high fashion. Over the years, the Low Top has become a symbol, a sneaker adopted by people of all sexes, races, religions, and sexualities.

In 2018 Abel first started working with the team at Filling Pieces to scent their Paris fashion week showroom. Leaving no stone unturned, they wanted to bring the visual and ephemeral together. They wanted a fragrance that would unify their collection and they chose Cobalt Amber by Abel. Over the years we’ve enjoyed working alongside Filling Pieces, to bridge the gap with olfactory cues.

Yesterday the Filling Pieces team launched their first brand flagship on Amsterdam’s Berenstraat. At a time when there’s overwhelming global uncertainty, this confident brand that does things differently, is again doing things differently. A store that smells chic, sultry and confident. A scent that bridges the gap of masculine and feminine, day and night… a universe that smells like Cobalt Amber

"There is something about visiting a store, a brand's universe. The feeling of touching the fabrics, smelling the fragrance, trying on a piece of clothing to the sound of the brand's playlist." — Guillaume Philibert.

Thrilled to be part of your universe Guillaume and team… together, let’s bridge the gap.

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