Black Friday

Our shop will be closed tomorrow.

Not from some righteous notion, or desire to name and shame those partaking in #BlackFriday. But from a very genuine, very deep rooted desire to see change. To be part of the change.

On July 29th 2019 we “celebrated” Earth Overshoot Day.
The day in which we used up nature’s resource budget for the entire year. July 29th. The earliest ever.

But, this year we’ve also seen millions united in
climate change protests around the world.

There is a movement underfoot, a momentum change…
A change that global feeding frenzies like #BlackFriday can undermine in a single weekend.

#BlackFriday goes against every fibre of our being,
every conscious cell in our body.

Don’t shop anything you do not need.

Don’t shop our perfume on Black Friday.

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