layering perfume – combining fragrance as you wear them

Layering perfume is the art of combining fragrances as you wear them to create a unique scent combination. Although it’s trending heavily this year, it’s not a new idea, people have been layering scents as long as they’ve been wearing perfume…. We’re talking Egyptian.

These days, layering perfume is a great way to ensure you’re not wearing the same fragrance as everyone else at the party. With the popularity of artisan perfume brands these days it’s a risk your latest ‘perfume discovery’ has already been discovered by half the room (not naming names…).Natural perfume evolves on your skin to create a scent unique to you, so we are not so worried about this. However, we do love to have fun creating unique combinations!

Instead of layering perfume directly on top of one another, we love to let the fragrance composition sing by layering fragrances on different parts of the body or your clothes (after all, our master perfumer Isaac spent many thousands of trials perfecting a harmonious composition!).

"Let the fragrance composition sing by layering fragrances on different parts of the body or your clothes."

Our founder Frances’ favourite? “Right now, I’m wearing red santal on my pulse points, it’s such a warm Autumnal scent and the sandalwood literally radiates from my skin… But I’m not ready to let go of Summer just yet! So a spray of white vetiver in my hair means that every time I shake my head, I get a fresh waft of summer vibes.”

Tips for layering:

  • If you do want to layer perfume directly on top of another, spray the heavier of the fragrances first so it doesn’t suffocate the lighter fragrance
  • Don’t forget about your hair, scarf and clothes as layering options
  • Your first “layer” can be a scented body oil or lotion
  • Generally scents from the same olfactory family (see Michael Edwards fragrance wheel) are the easiest to layer
  • Don’t be intimidated, there are no rules, enjoy experimenting!
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